Meet Lauren Hsu

Dignified Pet Services presents 'People in the Neighborhood'

On any given day Lauren is a working accountant, super Mom, animal advocate, and event planner.

Today, she is firming up plans for a big birthday party — for Rojo the Therapy Llama at the upcoming NW Pet Fair. This weekend she’s busy with volunteer work as Treasurer for West Columbia Gorge Humane Society.

This time of year she’s super busy with the 2nd largest annual pet event and largest adoption event in the Northwest, the NW Pet Fair. “Last year, a couple minutes right before the opening of the show, we were doing a final sweep. There were lots of shelters and rescues represented and all the animals were just sitting there. You could hear them panting and see them all just waiting for their new homes and for someone to love them. And they had so much love to give." This was a “wow” moment for Lauren — underscoring her motivation to take on the massive project.

When she does find a little downtime, Lauren enjoys spending it at her five-acre home in Battleground, with her three kids and five animals. “I love just hanging out with my kids and taking walks with my animals!” she confides. She also shares her home with four “very tiny fish” that she adores.  

Having grown up in Brookings, Lauren loves the coast. “I love the water — my favorite places are Seaside and Long Beach.”

She also really loves animals, from four-legged critters to their salt and freshwater brethren. Indeed, Lauren’s love of all living things shines. “There were two Koi fish at a local business, in a 10-gallon tank. About three weeks ago I noticed the fish were so big they could barely turn around. I was worried about them, and after making some calls, I found someone to adopt both Koi from the owner. The Water Shed [a pond store in Vancouver] stepped in and helped re-home them almost immediately.” Lauren learned that Koi are very social, and actually bond to each other. “The new family sent me a picture of them in their new pond, and it was evident they are very social beings. Even little things like this can make a difference for an animal.”

She seems to prove those words, in actions big and small, every day.

But she’ll be the first to tell you she’s just like everyone else. The shoes that are so her? “Comfortable tennis shoes are awesome; especially since I’m busy.” What keeps her going? “Chocolate, of course — that’s what fuels me!” Her guilty pleasures include a massage, pizza and cake.

If her career as event planner ever goes to the dogs, “My 10 year old has potential to be the next pet fair manager,” laughs this very proud mom. “Or she’ll probably open a dog treat bakery.”

If you ever saw Lauren in corporate mode, you might be surprised to see little tattoo on her ankle, one she shares with her oldest daughter. The tat is a forever reminder for them both of their special relationship. "It makes me a little sad, life is changing," she says, her voice thick.

What doesn’t change is Lauren’s love for animals and her keen skill at wearing many hats (or perhaps capes) as an animal advocate. “Just knowing you have a role that allows you to work with animals and do good things for them is so rewarding. I'm so busy, and I don't get hands on time with the animals but I know every minute I spend volunteering is for animals. It makes all of it worth it.”  

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