Meet Lindsay Hile

Dignified Pet Services presents 'People in the Neighborhood'

From professional makeup artist to pet photographer is not your typical career path. “I think it taught me a lot about working with the client,” says Lindsay, “and I had a lot of time to observe what happened on set. I learned how to cultivate that client relationship and make it comfortable for the subject.” 

Today Lindsay, owner of Sit! Stay Pet Photography makes sure her clients – dogs, cats, hedgehogs, even rats – are not only comfortable, but having fun. After shooting pets for several years, professionally for three, she’s living her dream. Every. Single. Day.

Before Portland, Lindsay lived in NYC for six years, among like-minded creative personalities. She moved to the Rose City for love, and says chasing her dreams is what makes her who she is today.

“When I decided to move to NYC I was 22, and it was life changing. It was important to just do it. I didn’t know anyone and I wanted to do it, so I went all-in. I wanted to make big things happen and that requires big action. I learned that by going all-in with my dreams I can make big things happen. That led me to what I’m doing now.

Best things come from the heart – and animals make me smile,” she says, smiling.

What else makes her smile? Portland, her Labradoodle Louie (find him on Instagram at @puponoodles), Pugs and Gummy Bears. “This city really has it all for me,” she says. “People here really see the value of creative living, and they value nature, being real — I love that. I feel like there are so many kindred spirits here.”

Lindsay’s love of Pugs resulted in “Pug Friday,” which she celebrates on Instagram (#PugFriday). After growing up with the “most hilarious animal on the planet” she decided years ago to start shooting the Portland Pug Crawl, and now she’s the official photog. “They are nature’s anti-depressants,” she laughs. “Within two minutes my face hurts from smiling and laughing.” 

Lindsay’s perfect snack is watermelon. “It comes in its own container and it’s very hydrating, super filling, and really pretty. I just love it!” 

Guilty pleasures? Easy: Gummy Bears and Juanita tortilla chips, which she keeps in her car for bites between shoots. Breakfast sometimes consists of “chips with eggs and Sriracha sauce.” 

Where can you find her when she’s not on the clock? At Roscoe’s in Southeast, along with Louie — a celebrity himself — who relaxes inside with his mom. You may also find her hiking Mt. Tabor or enjoying Yoga.

At the pub, you’ll likely find Lindsay wearing awesome high-tops, which her friend calls her “tavern shoes.” But in NYC, you’re more likely to find her shoe shopping than pub hopping. “I purposely bring shoes with me that I cannot walk far in so I can go shoe shopping!” she confesses with a grin.

Ironically, her first home in Portland didn’t allow pets. Now she’s photographing all kinds, following @tunameltsmyheart on Instagram, and is an integral member of the Portland animal community.

“People are so fun here, and they are curious about life. They don’t take themselves too seriously. I love the food and majestic mountain tops. I live one mile away from an extinct volcano.”   

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