Meet Patti Loverink

Dignified Pet Services presents 'People in the Neighborhood'

Her busy life includes parenting her 15-year-old son, operating the successful MESH Communications Group marketing company for 20 years, and working to improve the lives of dogs. Board Chair of Fences For Fido, Patti works to unchain dogs living tethered outside — some for many years. Free of charge, the group builds fences and dog houses, and provides an assist with spay/neuter and more.

Patti not only preaches, teaches and models kindness to her son, but to the masses. “That's the joy that Fences For Fido brings,” she smiles.

Of many, one singularly proud moment occurred last Thanksgiving, when Fences For Fido was honored during Fox’s All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration with the Sam Simon Award presented by actress Hillary Swank. “In that moment, unchaining was finally in the national spotlight.”

Today, members of the group are pouring their heart into “Unchained Planet,” a program mentoring like-minded volunteer groups around the country. “Unchaining has become a movement, with new groups forming in 20 states. This year we hope to send a few of our volunteers to help some of the new groups launch their efforts.”

When off the radar, this busy girl might be found watching “Nurse Jackie” on Netflix.

Her philosophy on life? “Kindness,” she says. “It’s so simple. Kindness is a choice.”

And it shows — literally. On one arm is a tattoo declaring her compassion and passion for animal advocacy. “I became vegan in 2010 when I learned about the horrors of the dairy industry and a wear a dairy calf on my arm as a reminder of these sweet baby boys who never get to grow up, their moms who never get to raise them, and all other animals who do have a voice; we just have to listen.” she explains. “This has influenced the way I view so many things: everything I put in my mouth, the health of our planet, and how I model compassion and kindness and my commitment to volunteer service to hopefully help make a difference. Being vegan has broadened my view and empathy for all living beings, including and especially chained dogs.”

And this girl loves food! And routinely shares it. Her prodigious photos of and comments about wavypotato chips, taco salads, Gardein brand “fish” fillets, spicy sweet chili Doritos or Miyoko’s Kitchen plant-based cheese at the very least make for smiles, and at most? Maybe a convert.

Her guilty pleasures include soy lattes and Voodoo vegan apple fritters.

At the end of the day Patti comes home to her son, husband, Chihuahuas Alice, Sydney and Marley, and felines Mason, Jake and Finn. “The cats are bigger than the dogs!” she laughs.

The shoe that’s so her? “Flip-flops!” Yep. It’s all about sunshine and baseball!

How does she do it all?  

The good, old-fashioned, mid-western work ethic, she says, which she learned early in life. “Even though we struggled financially, my mom — a single mother — modeled a strong work ethic and taught me that there are no handouts in life. If you want something, you have to work hard for it and make it happen. I also had a great mentor through college in Iowa, PR guru, Sue Nail.

 We don't have to stay stuck just because of circumstances earlier in life. In fact, those things can be a blessing, build character and can make us even more determined and laser focused.

One of her favorite statements is: Go be love. The world needs you. And Patti tries to do just that.

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