Meet Tanya Roberts

Dignified Pet Services presents 'People in the Neighborhood'

For the past 17 years, this award-winning Certified Professional Dog Trainer has managed training and behavior at Oregon Humane Society.

But her career began with Princess Cruises. “That is where I met my husband, and we traveled to places we didn’t even know how to pronounce,” Tanya laughs. She and her future husband worked a ship that went from Rio de Janeiro to a city called Manaus. Together they traveled the Amazon.

While fantastic, life at sea was not her life’s calling. Moving to Portland from the Bay Area in 1998 changed everything. “Being hired to work at the Oregon Humane Society was that moment in my life,” she says. “I felt pride in my work — every day. The job evolved, to where “I ultimately split my time between being a part of the “New Road Ahead” team where we help launch new projects, Staff & Volunteer Training, working daily with special needs animals and helping customers decide what animals were the right pets for them”

What’s a day at the office for Tanya like? Managing five staff and seven contract trainers keeps her busy. Classes range from Reactive Rover to Basic Dog and Puppy Training. “These are well attended and in demand,” she affirms.

“My best teachers continue to be the wonderful animals at the Oregon Humane Society,” she says, happy that she continues to work regularly with animals during their stay at the shelter.

Tanya loves life — and easily finds humor in most things. “My friend gave me a card that says, ‘We can’t change everything, but we can try to laugh at everything’. And I really took that to heart and try to remember that, especially when things are tough.”

A primary source of fun and laughter is Tanya’s furry family. “They are great therapy”, she smiles. The pack includes 13-year-old red Tabby Jasper and a six-year-old, German Shepherd Macey. While Jasper rules the roost, the two do occasionally play together.

There is also 28-years-old Mr. Darcy, a senior horse who’s “quite the character” with plenty of pizazz. He currently resides at a family-owned boarding facility. Tanya loves animals, and respects what they teach their human companions every day.

When not caring for her four-legged family members, Tanya occasionally enjoys a few guilty pleasures. Like chocolate, wine, and dining out.  “I like spicy food. Indian, Thai, and I love Sushi.  Right now, I’m having a kick on Arugula which is surprisingly good on pizza,” she grins.

The shoe that is so her? Her favorite riding boots, which she’s as comfortable wearing to dinner at the Bombay Cricket Club as at the barn with Mr. Darcy.

To de-compress, Tanya muses about fond memories, like lying in a hammock with a book last year in Belize. “I don’t currently have a hammock, so I lie on the sofa or bed and imagine I’m in a hammock in Belize — true relaxation!” she giggles. 

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