Meet Traci Delos

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When she’s not living her dream job as hospital administrator of Cascade Veterinary Referral Center, you may find Traci Delos swimming with sharks in Hawaii, the Bahamas or Mexico. And while traveling is her passion, she says opening Cascade was “the greatest adventure of my professional life.”  

She confesses to being an adrenaline junky. “My first shark dive, everyone was hesitant to jump in. For me there wasn’t any fear. I’ve been in the water since I was a little girl.” 

Her lack of fear is all attitude. “When it’s your time, it’s your time,” she smiles. “To be that close to such amazing creatures is an amazing feeling. You can see the hooks in their mouths!” 

Growing up in San Diego, the warm waters of Hawaii feel like home, and to this day, being at the river on a hot summer day is a favorite pastime. Not surprising then, that the shoe that is so Traci is flip-flops. “Hands down,” she laughs. “In the summer, I’m a water girl – with sand between my toes!” 

While her professional creds also prove she’s a force of nature, among Traci’s proudest moments is her oldest daughter becoming a Hillsboro Police Cadet. This is a civilian group of volunteers ages 15-20 who are interested in law enforcement careers. Her daughter is now a lieutenant running the program. 

Her youngest delivers many proud moments as well. “Being a basketball mom is one of my favorite pastimes,” Traci says. She spends plenty of time in that role, cheering her daughter’s rockin’ traveling basketball team. 

Traci’s best advice? “People need to be themselves; life is too serious not to be weird! It’s important not to take things too seriously — live in the moment — nothing lasts forever.” She laughs as she says this, but about this Traci is serious.

The rules by which she lives were hugely impacted in a single day. “On my way to work in December of 2013, I was rear-ended while at a stoplight by a young man who was texting. He never even saw me prior to the impact. The accident left me with a traumatic brain injury that I had the fight of my life returning from.”

A big part of keeping life light is Traci’s beloved animal pack, comprised of Layla the Pittie (12), Dolce the Lhasa Apso (8), and Wesley, a Doxie/Jack Russell mix (4), and cats munchkin kitten Biggie Small (“my love”) and Marjorie. She also fosters — 15 kittens for The Pixie Project last year. Traci hopes to top that number in 2016.

Guilty pleasures range from fried chicken to pedicures, and Traci’s creative side is reflected in both her carefully chosen tattoos, and a line of exquisite health and beauty products she makes herself.

The artist at Oddball Tattoo helped her design her latest tat — an owl-inspired gorgeous half-sleeve. “Owls are symbolic,” she says. “They are wise and intuitive; they can often see what others cannot, able to see beyond deception and deceit.” 

On her wrist is her name, Delos, in Greek.  “It was my lifelong dream to visit this Greek Island, and I had a tattoo inked on my wrist to hold onto that trip.” 

These days, when Traci isn’t swimming with sharks, getting a new tattoo, hanging with her girls or at the water in flip-flops, she’s doing that other thing she does so well . . . saving animals’ lives.


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