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Meet Lindsay Hile

From professional makeup artist to pet photographer is not your typical career path. “I think it taught me a lot about working with the client,” says Lindsay, “and I had a lot of time to observe what happened on set. I learned how to cultivate that client relationship and make it comfortable for the subject.” 

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Meet Liberty (Libby) Jackson

A pioneer in Animal-Assisted Occupational Therapy, Libby Jackson’s passion has people across America wanting to be just like her! The Portland native is one of only a handful of OT professionals speaking, publishing and teaching fellow practitioners within her discipline how to collaborate with dogs in therapy practice. 

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Meet Camilla Mortensen

Among a litany of successes, Camilla Mortensen admits to one “big” failure. His name is Biggie, a death-row Pittie out of Los Angeles, and he WAS her foster dog.  "I had adopted a Pit mix puppy, Rhoda, from a rescue in The Dalles, and several friends fell in love with her," she says. "Rhoda was — and is — a great testament to what lovers Pits can be."

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Meet Rick Woodford

Rick Woodford, The Dog Food Dude, is the acclaimed author of Feed Your Best Friend Better. Already receiving requests for signings and readings for his new book, Chow, out in December, Rick is skeptical. 

"It's hard to do a dramatic reading of 'Mutt-Loaf'," he laughs.   

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Meet Blake Sakamoto

Blake Sakamoto of ‘Nu Wavers’ and ‘The Dan Reed Network’ has been playing music in Portland forever. His love of music was clear from as early as age 6 and, beginning with piano, over the years he mastered the guitar, drums, and vocals. Involved in the music program while attending Cleveland High School, Blake formed a band with a few kids, and the rest is history.

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