Spot Magazine's Website Policies & Practices


The purpose of our website is rooted in our belief that our magazine exists as a service to our readers. Like the printed magazine, this site is meant to be a service for all pet lovers.

With that ideal in mind, we're going to spell out a few policies and practices so everyone who uses can understand the madness behind the method.

Publishing Practices

  • The articles published under the Features and Publisher's Corner are as they appear in the printed version of Spot Magazine.
  • Minor corrections (like when we get a name wrong) will be done without notation (a line through every name would get distracting).
  • Corrections that aren't minor will be noted with a lineout and then the corrected text. Spot staff may also add an update to clarify or correct, if needed.

Website Policies

  • Nice comments are always welcome.
  • Comments that are inflamatory, derogatory, or could be construed mean in any other way will be yanked.
  • We love dog-friendly businesses and don't mind fans gushing about their local favorites. But since we do live off advertising we ask that if you want to promote your business, buy some ad space. Spam will be yanked.

If you need to contact us in regards to these policies or something you're seeing (or don't see any more) please let Jake, our Web Guy, know.