Halloween Pet Tips from DoveLewis

Make your pet's Halloween a safe one! Follow these tips from the experts at DoveLewis:

  • While it's especially true for chocolate, it is important to keep all types of candy away from pets. Besides the fact that sugar can cause upset tummies, pets aren't experts at determining what's edible and what's decoration (like lollipop sticks and wrappers).
  • Make sure candles are a safe distance from tails and toes.
  • If festive light strands are your thing, make sure kittens and pups keep their curious mouths away from cords and lights. A little chewing can lead to serious injury or death.
  • Costumes are cute and dogs in costumes even cuter, but pets can get into trouble if left alone in costume. Pets may eat pieces of their costume, or the costume could get hung-up and cause your pet injury.

On Halloween:

  • Make sure your dogs stay indoors and away from treat-seekers. Be-costumed visitors may seem like dangerous intruders to dogs. To help your dog stay calm and safe, owners should try to keep pups comfy in a quiet, secluded part or room of the house. 
  • People with black cats should especially think about keeping their feline indoors. According to DoveLewis, superstitions about black cats can lead to their being harrassed or hurt during Halloween.
  • Remember that walking around a neighborhood full of strangely-dressed kids (excited about their loot) isn't the best environment to take the dog for a walk.
  • In the event of worst-case scenarios, make sure all identification tags & chips have your current information.
Spot Magazine and DoveLewis want you and your pet to have a fun & safe All Hollow's Eve!