Off and running

Jennifer McCammon with BroadwayEvery year we rediscover the sleepwalk that is January. About week three, we not only shake the cobwebs, but this great gust seems to sweep in and propel us to new heights and speeds. Just now hitting cruising altitude, 2010 is looking very fine! 

First a word on Spot’s Top Dog Awards — over the top! We’re thrilled so many of you joined us for a night of celebration, honor and friendship. We all had a blast, two beauties from our featured rescue, Oregon Dachshund Rescue, were adopted early on, and donations blessed them with $750.  

We’re proud of this year’s Top Dogs, and so pleased that Spot’s gatherings are well attended, fun, and a way to boost our rotating rescues. Join us Feb. 4 — it’s “All About Love.” This Mutt Mixer’s a little cheeky and a lot of fun, and some of our best friends will be there.  

There’s more to tell than space allows (this issue took on a life of its own as they sometimes do). For the latest developments — regarding Team Spot, rescue efforts, our SpotCam soon to hit the streets and more, meet me at — I’ll fill you in! 

I’ll leave you with this little teaser: Watch for Spot’s coming issues! March is “Best in the Northwest,” and April is your event guide for the season. Oh! There’s the hook from behind the curtain— gotta go! Come see me on the website! 

Yours in everything pet,