All the news that’s news (or as much as will fit on my page anyway)

Jennifer McCammon with BroadwayPet lovers in many new cities will discover Spot for the first time this month, some far beyond our previous reach in Oregon, Washington (and now Idaho!). Why reach farther? To accommodate the many people who call saying, “Please get here — we need Spot!” How? Thank BiMart. In fact, that’s where you’ll find us: in all 72 stores.

If you live in a community we’re reaching for the first time — Yakima, Walla Walla, Weiser, La Grande, Hermiston, to name a few — we’re glad you found us! Please consider yourself invited to write or call anytime with questions, ideas or suggestions. Spot is all about community, and we love your input! And please visit, get acquainted, subscribe to Spot’s eNews, and join Team Spot. We’re glad you’re here, and look forward to great adventures ahead!

Before moving on, I want to thank the wonderful people at BiMart, who have supported Spot from the very beginning. Thank you for your support, and an awesome partnership. 

If you’re not familiar with BiMart, please check out your local store. All my peeps are BiMart members (and fans) for life, and you’ll want to be, too (lifetime membership is just $5). 

* * *

In other news, the Spot crew is also growing. Wiz kid Megan Mahan is doing great work in the Willamette Valley office, and she’ll soon launch a “matchmaking” series you’re going to love. Miss Angie Brown, a recent transplant from Cali, is helping with countless tasks while acclimating both to her new home in Portland and at Spot. We also welcome husband and wife team Lauren Bishop and Ken Markert of Hearts of Gold Pet Services, who recently decided that while growing their venture in East County, they wanted to help Spot grow, too. 

Two other people I hope you’ll “paws” to meet aren’t Spot crew members but valued associates. “Shannon the Avon Lady” and Jeana Wheeler, featured in Fetch, are models in tailoring their businesses to embrace “cause,” something I feel strongly about. To me, if a thing lacks meaning, why do it? Bless those who do more than they have to!

Please get acquainted with all of these friendly, dynamic people. New members of the Spot crew will soon appear under “Spot Crew” at Speaking of which, if you haven’t visited the website lately, please do! It’s growing too, and I think you’ll enjoy the frequent new developments.

One is “Behind the scenes with us,” my new blog sharing the more intimate, miraculous stories and occurrences that so frequently bless us here. I hope you enjoy these tales that are often precious, amazing, sometimes hilarious, and usually a little life-changing. Next up: Magnificent Ed.

One last thing I’m excited about: Watch for Spot Walks! Doggie pedometers are on their way! Join Team Spot, get your gear (including your doggie pedometer), and let’s go! We’ll have the first shipment in time for Doggie Dash May 15, and conduct a little practice run at Pooches in the Pearl May 22. Come out and play! We always have a good time together, and now, fitness — for us and our beloved beasts —just got more fun! 

Stay with us as we continue to grow and enjoy the adventures that come with working and living with all animals, and those who love them. It’s a great ride, and we’re glad you’re with us!

Yours in everything pet,