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Top Dog Winner - Cremation/Memorial

Dignified Pet Services   

Proprietors: Michael Remsing & Randy Tjaden

8976 SW Tualatin Sherwood Road, Tualatin, OR 

503-885-2211 *

Est. Oct. 2000


Philosophy/Mission: Dignified Pet Services is dedicated to providing high-quality aftercare for pet companions. They believe that people who lose a pet companion deserve the same care and compassion as those who experience a human loss.

Signature Service: The compassion in which they deal with the families they are privileged to serve. 

Claim to Fame: Their annual Service of Remembrance held each November to honor those pet companions that have been lost.

Community Involvement, Special Notes: Dignified is active in giving back to the community, from helping support nonprofits to sponsoring Art Workshops with DoveLewis for families who have experienced a loss.