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Top Dog Winner - Rescue/Shelter


Proprietor:  Tasha Giacomazzi

9101 SE Stanley Ave. Portland, OR

503-771-5596 ∙

Est. 2004


Philosophy/Mission:  Family Dogs New Life Shelter is a no kill dog shelter devoted to rescuing and re-homing needy dogs regardless of age, breed or history.  We believe all dogs deserve a second chance at a new life.

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service:  Our Piteos!  What is a Piteo?  An adorable video featuring an adoptable Pit Bull!  We all know that Pitties get a bad rap, making it so much harder to find adoptive families for these wonderful dogs.  Here at Family Dogs New Life we believe that Pit Bull Terriers deserve to find homes just as much as any other dog, and we hope our Piteos will help shine a little spotlight on these misunderstood dogs.  It’s our chance to show off the extraordinary personalities of our Pitties!

Community Involvement, Special Notes:  We are here for dogs who have no other options.  This includes dogs other shelters don’t have space for, long-term residents who have run out of time, and dogs other shelters may consider ‘unadoptable.’  We take in dogs from animal control agencies and humane societies in Oregon and Washington.  We also work with smaller rescue groups across the country and a limited number of owner-surrendered pets.  Family Dogs works on matchmaking our dogs with their adopters.  We will only introduce you to dogs we are comfortable will be a good match for both you and the dog.  Our shelter is unique in that we do not house our dogs in kennels or dog runs, but in large play groups or ‘packs’ from 8-20 dogs.  Since Family Dogs began in 2004 we have placed over 8000 dogs into permanent homes.  Family Dogs believes in community, and we hope, with your help, we will continue reducing the number of dogs euthanized each year.  Together we can make a difference.