Top Dog - End of Life Services

Winner: At Home Veterinary Services  

Proprietor: Louise Mesher DVM & Ryan DesJardins

5775 Jean Rd #105 Lake Oswego

503-281-1631 •   |   Est. 2008

Philosophy/Mission:  At Home Veterinary Services’ experienced and compassionate veterinarians provide end of life care in the familiar surroundings of your home, seven days a week. Quality of Life Assessments are available if you are wondering if your pet’s quality of life may be improved or are unsure whether it is time to consider euthanasia. When appropriate, we also provide ongoing supportive services and pain management through palliative and hospice care in the time leading up to saying goodbye to your companion.

Signature Service:  The focus of our practice is on maximizing pets’ quality of life through medical and supportive services and, when the time is right, providing a peaceful passing at home.  

Community Involvement:  At Home Veterinary Services is proud to sponsor the Halo Pet Support Group (, a free community service for Portland metro area residents that meets monthly, bringing together people who are facing the often enormous challenges associated with caring for an older pet or a pet dealing with chronic or terminal disease. The group allows people experiencing the anticipatory grief and complex emotions that arise when caring for terminally ill or very aged pets, to meet with others facing similar issues.

2nd Place: Compassionate Care

503-880-1172 •

3rd Place: Lap of Love