Top Dog - Innovative Programs for Animal Welfare

Winner: Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP)   |   Est. 2006

Philosophy/Mission:  ASAP is a group of 10 public and private animal shelters, veterinary medical associations and other animal welfare groups in the greater Portland/Vancouver area. By working together, we develop and sustain metro-wide programs & services that reduce the number of homeless cats and dogs, and save the lives of all shelter pets that can be humanely and responsibly rehomed.  

Claim to Fame/Signature Service:  The Spay & Save program is a low-cost spay/neuter program that serves qualifying cat owners in need of financial assistance, as well as people who feed stray or feral cats. The program aims to keep struggling families and their pets together and reduce the number of cats/ kittens coming into our shelters. Since 2010, the program has altered over 70,000 cats and has lowered cat intake at ASAP shelters by 42%.

Community Involvement, Special Notes:   In the past 10 years, ASAP has reduced euthanasia in Portland shelters by 89% and now saves 94% of the 30-40,000 cats and dogs entering our shelters annually — making our community one of the safest for pets in the nation. ASAP coalition partners are committed to end euthanasia of all adoptable pets in our community and provide a safety net for pets in need. 

2nd Place: Fences for Fido

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3rd Place: Animal Community Talks

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