Top Dog - Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Winner: FurEver Family Pet Services, LLC  

Proprietor: Amy Baker-Schultz

Milwaukie OR • 503-464-6877 •   |   Est. June 2011

Philosophy/Mission:  FurEver Family’s goal is to give YOU peace of mind while we love and care for your pets, ensuring their health, safety and happiness while you are away. We believe in continued education and weekly training, and always go above and beyond in our dedication to providing your fur-feathered-scaled kids the highest quality of care.

Signature Service:  We love what we do and are happy that our passion shines through in our work. We treat every home we visit as if it were our own. We build relationships with our clients. Pets are always happy to see us because they know they are safe, loved, and going to get 100 percent of our time and attention. It is important to us that our clients feel comfortable and at ease while they are away from their pets.  

Community Involvement:   We are actively involved with several international and local animal welfare groups and shelters. One being the Portland Missing Pets page where we help reunite lost and found pets with their owners. We also host summer garage sales to raise funds which allow rescues to continue their fight to help those unable to speak for themselves.

2nd Place: Portland Mutt Strut • 503-335-9889 •

3rd Place: Hot Diggity! Pet Care

1631 NE Broadway St Ste 715 Portland • 503-887-0086 •