Top Dog - Rescue Rockstar

Winner (tie): DeAnn King, President
Wigglin’ Home Boxer Rescue   |   Est. 2016

Mission:  The right boxer, the right home, loved forever.

Located and operating in the Pacific Northwest, our volunteers have combined experience of nearly 200 years in rescuing. This experience and resulting knowledge underlies our work taking in Boxers from shelters and surrendering owners. We make solid choices regarding Boxers’ health, the best foster homes, and most importantly, their furever homes and families.

Public trust and transparency are vital to our mission; we follow ethical fundraising practices and established results-based guidelines on donations. WHBR believes in the power of collaboration (strength in numbers) and partners with several organizations with common goals and objectives.

Often we rescue the unadoptable or dying Boxer, knowing we are providing a few days or weeks in a warm bed smothered in love and care before their time comes. Everyone, fur kids included, deserve to pass knowing love and a gentle hand. 

Winner (tie): Jeffrey Evans and Michael Allen, Angels with Misplaced Wings

7720 NE Highway 99 Ste D #191 Vancouver
415-595-1962 •   |   Est. 2010

Philosophy/Mission:  Angels with Misplaced Wings empowers people to consciously contribute to their communities by engaging them in our journey of providing long-term and hospice sanctuary to differently-abled and senior animals in a loving family/home environment. We are dedicated to quality, advanced and alternative healthcare for quality of life, and share our experiences to give others knowledge, possibilities and hope. We serve and advocate animal welfare through partnerships in which we provide needed support, services, and resources.  

Signature Service:  No one gets left behind.  The dogs who come to us have been rescued by organizations that spent months/years trying home them.  For every success there are dozens not able to find a home. We take those who’ve been forgotten/left behind because they are different. 

Community Involvement, Special Notes:   Sharing every aspect of our journey and what we learn, good or not.  We provide education about medical conditions and all treatment options, opening people to new possibilities.  We forward contributions of goods we can’t use to orgs/ individuals who can — medications, beds, toys, treats, etc.  We conduct mutually beneficial fundraisers like Mara’s Munchkins, for pets children, and others. 

2nd Place: Jody Kurilla - Underdog Railroad Rescue •

3rd Place: Heather Hines, Indigo Rescue

PO Box 554, Beaverton • 503-626-7222 •