TOP DOG WINNER - Veterinarian

Kristin Sulis DVM

Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care

4246 SE Belmont St., #1 Portland, OR


Year Established: 2008

Proprietor: Dr. Kristin Sulis 


Philosophy/Mission: It is my mission to use my experience and medical expertise to provide the best in wellness, illness, dental and surgical care for patients; kind and caring interaction and education to clients; and healthy leadership for staff — all in a comfortable and beautiful environment.

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service: My claim to fame is the clinic of my dreams — Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care! With the creation of my beautiful practice I now have the structure and environment to feature my style of medicine. I love getting down on the carpeted floor with my patients, giving out lots of cookies and making them feel comfortable. I also believe that our clients are the most important part of our medical team — they are the ones who know their pets better than anyone else, speak for them, and carry out medical treatments at home. We provide them with the education and the expertise to help them make the best decisions for their pets, as well as coach and support them through treatment.

Community Involvement, Special Notes: I’m involved in many ways, including supporting local shelters, Oregon Humane Society, Pixie Project and Animal Care and Rescue Fund, as well as volunteering spay and neuter services for the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon. We support local organizations including Friends of Mt. Tabor and Belmont Area Business Association. One of the most interesting ways we get involved locally is donating “Veterinarian for a Day” certificates as a fundraising tool for school organizations, allowing local children interested in veterinary medicine to spend most of the day with us, observing exams, procedures, and even surgeries!