Vonnie Harris

"No matter how little money or how few possessions you own, having pets makes you rich"  -Louis Saban

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While I might be an every-month writer for Spot and the magazine's go-to-gal when it comes to hanging out at all the crazy pet events around Portland and Vancouver (a shout-out to my hometown, please!), I'm actually not very photogenic and am usually behind the camera. That's why you'll only see one photo (okay two) of my mug on the page. The rest of the space here is devoted to my wonderful pets.

Along with my writing and "Spot Booth" duties I'm also the lucky one who manages Spot's website, social media and distribution among other things!. Click here to send me a note!

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As a side job, I'm the proprietor of Pet Stop Pit Stop. Drop me a note if you're interested in prices and availability.